Don’t spit in sky

Please allow me to comment on the article, ‘Lawmakers will define marriage.’

I think it is high time that we speak up for our rights instead of holding back as we have for so long.

I would like to ask the past and present government if there are any couples of the same sex at present, or in the past that were seeking or are seeking to have their civil unions recognized in the Cayman Islands?

I can assure one and all the answer is none. Yet we know of people who have been involved in such relationships for years, and will continue to do so until the end of time. Why now all of a sudden, the union of a man and a woman is under attack? This is a massive pile of rubbish, and it’s good to know that anyone with a grain of sense knows better.

If that was the case then marriage would not exist today, as it was marriage that brought forth gays and heterosexuals alike. I suggest that all of the pastors and their churches leave the judging to God; judge not for you shall be judged. Don’t we have more pressing issues to deal with? I can prepare a list for you if you like?

As a Caymanian I will stand up for my rights and encourage others to do so as well. Now that certain sections of the community have brought this issue to the table, let the debate begin.

And those of you that so strongly oppose the issue at hand, be careful how you spit in the sky, as it just might fall in you eye. I hope you are smart enough to read between the lines, if not you will be singing a different tune in the future.

Derwin Scott

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