Bye to Spanish Bay

We understand that our longstanding holiday haunt – Spanish Bay Reef Resort – is to close its doors on Sunday, 15 July.

We are very sad that this unique little place has finally ceased to offer a truly Caribbean style holiday resort in Grand Cayman.

Whilst the larger chain hotels are able to weather the storm of low guest numbers, smaller hotels and resorts like SBR are simply not able to do this.

As multi-repeat guests (of which there were many) we were treated like family – always a very warm welcome to what we came to regard as our second home. The staff became friends rather than simply workers and we were known as people not just a room number.

We wish the staff at the resort all the very best for their futures. They deserve to do well after serving the Island’s tourist industry so wonderfully for many years. We hear they face a great deal of uncertainty regarding their prospects for work in Cayman.

Sad to think this really is the end of an era for yet another small independently run hotel on the Island……..

Graham & Jo Mills

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