Make student’s meals nutritious

In regard to the editorial on obesity, I believe we are not keeping in line with our neighbours to the north, yet, however we are finally opening our eyes.

Obesity has been a part of Cayman for many, many years.

Unfortunately, the age at which we now see this condition is becoming younger.

I am very concerned about the primary school aged children on our island. More and more of these children are becoming overweight, sedentary, and prone to many more colds, etc. then in years gone by.

I believe a very conscious effort on the health services authority and the education ministry would be to work carefully and monitor the lunch/snack providers of the primary schools.

Too often, patties, cheese croissants, rice and beans and fried chicken are being served every single day.

A very small minority of the time is fresh fruit, salads and vegetables that are not soaked in sugar or butter served.

Portion control is also an issue.

I have witnessed on far too many occasions students being served a half plate of rice, a very small piece of fried chicken and a teaspoon of vegetables cooked in butter.

Perhaps the government can research a better and more comprehensive way to provide healthy school lunches to all the primary schools.

This would probably prove to be cost effective in the long run and certainly more nutritious.

Knowing there is very little accountability or monitoring, they take advantage of these children.

Additionally, young children need to be afforded the opportunity to have physical education classes at least two times each week.

I know there is a policy in primary schools to have classes instructed by a PE teacher for 30 minutes each week and 30 minutes by the class teacher, but let’s face it; how many different hats are we expecting teachers to wear and wear effectively?

I strongly believe we cannot wait any longer to effect fast and appropriate changes in the way in which primary aged children are being fed and in the opportunities to exercise their bodies.

Bernice Scott

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