Another Auditor General’s report out

Yet again we have another Auditor General’s report with concerns regarding supposed UDP mismanagement, or worse, of public funds.

This time it is the Boatswain Beach/Turtle Farm project.

The sad truth is that there is no surprise in any of this for most of us. We all felt deep down that the various projects that the UDP was involved in smelled a bit.

We all recall the PPM, then in Opposition, speaking out on the cost of the Turtle Farm project and questioning how contracts were being rewarded and speaking out on the awarding of contracts at the George Town dock as well as on the so called affordable housing project. Indeed the latter was neither affordable nor did it provide much housing to speak of. And that was only three of several such issues that the PPM tackled.

Certainly never before in my memory have we had as many allegations of possible malfeasance levied against a local politician, much less one that was LOGB.

But I concede that the allegations are just that, for nothing illegal has been proved against anyone in the UDP.

We shall see how this ends and if the powers that be determine whether there is anything for the police to investigate.

Whatever the outcome, the current LOGB Mr. Tibbetts has stated that the PPM administration will seek to ensure within the new constitution that MLAs will be held accountable financially for mismanagement of public funds.

This would be a bold move and one that may be unprecedented in local politics.

Indeed as a supporter of the Government I am pleased to hear about this initiative and I congratulate Mr. Tibbetts and his PPM colleagues on taking this stance.

The PPM as a government has had two years in office and in my view have much to be proud of.

Improved roads infrastructure; revitalised education system; renewed focus on sports and youth; improved policing and border protection; as well as working to undo much of the wrongs that the UDP left behind – to name a few. Make no mistake there is still a lot to be done but a good two years none-the-less.

Comparing the PPM administration to that of the UDP after two years is like chalk and cheese. After two years the PPM not only has more to show than the UDP did and importantly with no scandals, but also the fear to speak out that permeated the UDP’s tenure has been swept away by an administration that encourages free speech and consultation.

The voters can feel vindicated for sweeping the PPM into office two short years ago. If there was any doubt that the correct decision was made then one only need look at the Boatswain Beach mess to remember why we voted the UDP out and Mr. Tibbetts and the PPM in.

Roy Tatum

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