Today’s Editorial July 27: Saying bye to a legend

There will be tears in the eyes of many next week when Durty Reid’s Palace leaves its location of 17 years.

The original home of warm beer, lousy food and surly help is being bulldozed in the name of progress.

The iconic watering hole, and the other businesses in Red Bay Plaza, is being pushed down to make way for the East-West Arterial Corridor.

Too many people and too many cars on Grand Cayman are forcing the Government to build more roads.

Unfortunately Cayman’s prosperity means we have to lose some of our institutions; like Durty Reid’s.

Oh, if only the walls of that place could talk.

Politicians of all ilk, residents, tourists, bikers, teetotallers; all have walked through the doors of Durty Reid’s to pass along gossip, make and break deals, watch sports, oh, and of course eat and drink.

We’re promised that the new location at the former Davie Jones Locker at Grand Harbour will be made to look like the hangout that has always been Durty Reid’s.

All of the stuff that graces the walls of the Red Bay Plaza site – old car tags from around the world, sports memorabilia, bumper stickers, trophies, autographed jerseys, game balls – will be transferred to the Grand Harbour site, as will the warm beer, lousy food and surly help.

Tuesday will be the last night for Durty Reid’s at Red Bay Plaza. A candlelight vigil is planned.

We’re sure it will be a sad night, indeed.

Durty Reid’s reopens Wednesday at Grand Harbour.

We know that many of you, residents and tourists alike, have your favourite Durty Reid’s stories to tell, and we would like you to share them with us.

Send them to [email protected] or mail them to us at the Caymanian Compass, The Compass Centre, P.O. Box 1365, Grand Cayman KYi-1108, Cayman Islands. Or, you can drop them off at our site on Shedden Road

Depending on what we get, we’ll print them in the Compass.

So sharpen your pencils or get your fingers to the keyboard and get busy writing.

We can’t wait to see what you have to say about the soon to be gone Durty Reid’s.

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