Shame on thieves

I would like to give my opinion of Grand Cayman.

Two years ago we arrived here from a criminal haven in Africa to find peace and tranquillity on your beautiful almost crime-free Island.

Since then we have had a rude awakening.

Our boat, which my husband and I have been working on for months every weekend and spent our hard earned cash to make it look good again, was vandalised on Sunday evening…..that was so mean.

I would just like to say to the person or persons that stole our bimini top, fish finder antenna and all the other bits and pieces, the RCIP is on your case and no matter how long it takes, you will be caught and punished for taking things that do not belong to you.

You have disobeyed one of God’s 10 commandments, thou shall not steal.

Shame on you.

One day you will have to answer to higher authority.

I hope you are proud of yourself, if in the event of you having a family (young children) what a shame that they have to grow up with a bunch of thieves.

I sincerely hope they do not turn out like you did. They deserve better.

To the Caymanians, you are wonderful people full of pride and loads of scruples.

I would like to say get rid of the bad apples before the whole batch is infected.

Keep the faith and stay as kind as you are.

Mary Gow

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