Political parties are needed

This letter is in response to a letter By Mr. Truman Bodden on 7 July, 2007.

I’m greatly embarrassed and deeply humiliated that Mr. Truman Bodden continues to attack the government with things he sees as major offences to the governance of the Cayman Islands when he failed to put his name on the ballot.

He is shifting the blame to the parties when in fact his government’s failures needed to be addressed sooner or latter and just so happened to be latter. Let’s look at his record:

• Not one move on Constitutional reform.

• Education was never advanced to an acceptable level so our children could advance.

• Infrastructure of the islands was ignored continuously.

• Colonialism was first and Caymanians last.

Mr. Bodden fails to grasp the need that time has changed and we need parties because independent candidates can be manipulated to do more harm than good.

Perhaps if the bank so closely associated with him, had paid its full share it owed the Cayman government when their buildings were destroyed during Hurricane Ivan that was so recklessly negotiated away, then this government would not have to borrow so much money.

Mr. Bodden says ‘he wants the UK to consider the ramifications of massive borrowings and instructs accordingly’.

When he was Leader of Government business the UK might have told him everything to do; perhaps that is why we never had and movement forward because he is a very firm believer in colonialism and quite satisfied the way things were as long as he was the head of government.

His attack on the party system is nothing but a misdirection to try to fool people into believing that an independent like himself can do a better job as he sites the future of our children.


Nothing could be further from the truth.

He did nothing for our children when he was in office.

What Cayman needs is other choices.

Other parties to choose from, that is all. We need more parties and the voters will decide which one puts the Cayman citizen first.

Albert Jackson

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