AML conference in Cayman

The Association for Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists will offer its internationally recognised CAMS certification examination and preparation seminar in the Cayman Islands this fall in conjunction with the Global Compliance Solutions 3rd Annual Anti-Money Laundering & Compliance Conference.

On 6-7 October, anti-money laundering professionals from banking institutions, law enforcement, and government sectors of the Caribbean, will have the opportunity to prepare for and take the examination, earning them the CAMS designation which is considered the gold standard in AML credentials, states a press release.

‘We are excited to partner with ACAMS this year. The CAMS Preparation Seminar and Examination is a natural extension to our annual AML conference’, says Karen O’Brien, spokesperson for the Global Compliance Solutions conference. ‘Qualified and certified AML experts are always in demand here in Cayman Islands and throughout the region. Due to increased scrutiny from various regulatory bodies concerned with the development of international anti-money laundering policies and practice, AML professionals must always be one step ahead with the right resources and credentials to fight off the criminals and stay in the good graces of the regulators.’

With more than 5,500 members in 100-plus countries, ACAMS has awarded 3,000 professionals the CAMS designation, the premier certification globally recognised in the anti-money laundering field. The CAMS procedure was named in a 2006 report by the US Government Accountability Office as part of the recommended training process for AML regulators from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

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