Hew’s wins best booth

Hew’s Supplies has rolled out its new ecologic line from Ecolab.

Its debut at the Cayman Culinary Society’s Culinary Competition and Trade Fair at the Marriott Hotel on Seven Mile Beach won Hew’s the prize of best booth.

Hew’s theme was Going Green.

Ecolab is the world’s leading provider of cleaning, food safety and health protection products and services for the hospitality, foodservice, healthcare and industrial markets and with the launch of its Ecologic line it is the world’s leading ecologically minded cleaning supply company, states a press release.

‘Ecolab’s customers are looking for ways that they can serve their own customers effectively while minimising the impact on the environment, and Ecologic provides complete, effective solutions to help them achieve their goals,’ said Colleen Dillon, vice president of marketing for Ecolab’s Institutional Division.

‘Going green is a choice that we all have to make, given the state of the world we now live in,’ said Joey Hew, managing director of Hew’s Hotel and Restaurant Supply. ‘Cayman’s a microcosm; we’re a very wealthy but very small nation which consumes heavily and as such we’re heavily impacting our local environment; products like the Ecologic line help us minimize some of that effect we have on our ecology.’

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