Cruise terminal issues ironed out

Still working through snags

Representatives from the Ministry of Tourism, Department of Tourism, Port Authority and the FCCA met on 12 July to discuss how to best improve the first and last experience of cruise visitors to Cayman.

Speaking to reporters at a recent Cabinet press briefing, Tourism Minister Charles Clifford said the plan of action was being undertaken in response to issues that have been raised by the terminal’s tenants and the cruise lines that service Cayman.

Officially opened on 22 September, 2006, the $18.5 million terminal has encountered a few snags in becoming fully operational.

The latest controversies have surrounded the awarding of leases in the terminal’s kiosks, which appear to have reached a conclusion.

The 12 July talks focused on the creation of a proper visitor’s reception centre where DoT would be prominently featured and would offer brochures and other Cayman Islands paraphernalia.

Shading, critical for both tourists and vendors, was also discussed. It may take the form of tents and or umbrellas.

A related and complementary issue is the provision of seating, which is practically non-existent.

Another area that is set to be improved is the bathroom facilities. Among the ideas being discussed is the installation of air conditioning.

The group also discussed general improvements regarding the aesthetics of the facility and ways to better manage traffic flow.

As it stands the Department of Tourism is working on the actual schematics of the plan.

Despite the cruise passenger and tenant issues that still need to be ironed out, the Royal Watler Cruise Terminal is proving to be a successful special event and concert venue.

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