Leave politics to Caymanians

I am always amazed at how quickly expats who have been granted Caymanian Status become experts on Cayman socio-political scene, when they could not solved the same problems in their country of birth.

A good example of these types is Lachlan MacTavish who over the past year has had letters in almost every issue of Cayman Net News.

Most of us Caymanians tend to ignore and excuse these people but as Lachlan has become more and more obnoxious over the weeks and in particular his letter of Monday, 30 July, 2007, calling for the leader of the opposition to step down, it is time someone answered him.

Those of us who Lachlan found in the Cayman Islands when he arrived and have observed his going-ons over the years know full well that he is in no position to advise anyone how to manage the Cayman Islands.

While I do not believe I need to defend the leader of the opposition, I find it interesting that Lachlan continues to make these accusations and innuendos about dishonest politicians in Cayman after his successes of the same economical miracles these Cayman politicians developed with their vision and hard work.

If Lachlan had Cayman at heart and has any evidence of corruption or dishonesty by these politicians he now accuses he should turn it over to the police and not try to push his own agenda, political or otherwise, by wasting time writing letters to the newspapers.

Caymanians need to stand up and take notice of these new wannabe politicians and political leaders who should return to their country of birth from which they came to Cayman seeking economic opportunity, which they did not have in their homeland, and solve its socio-political problems.

Rather than stay at home and contribute what little they could to solving the socio-political and economic problems of their homeland, their demonstrated solution to the problems of their homeland was to run and, if given the opportunity, to get involved in the Cayman political scene. If things go bad, they will do the same; run and leave us holding the bag.

We need to put a stop to this ingratitude now through amendments to the constitution that prohibit any registered voter who was not born in the Cayman Islands of at least one Caymanian parent from standing for political office and also to prohibit them from getting actively involved in politics such as being appointed chairpersons of political parties.

This has been tried twice in the past as I re-call; once in the 60s by a Jamaican lawyer and as soon as he was finished with his first and only political meeting in George Town he was politely but emphatically told by the Iron Men of that era to cease his political involvement. Then the son of a past colonial administrator tried in the late 70s and was basically given the same message.

Caymanians, especially those bleeding hearts, foreigner lovers, need to understand that these people were not content to simply enjoy the fruits of our economical miracle; they wanted and got economic control. Now they want and are actively seeking political control and if not stopped now they will have political control by the 2014 general elections.

Please Lachlan and others leave us to manage our own affairs and if you have been privileged to benefit from the economic miracle just be grateful that we welcomed you to our shores.

Do not mess with our socio-political balance or you might mess it up, wear out your welcome and have to run again.

If you are so anxious to get involved in politics return to the land of your birth to do so, as I am sure you can find similar problems there to apply your expertise.

D. Ezzard Miller

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