Reader wants expats gone

The Government needs to look after the youth of this country and stop what is going on. It is a serious concern as we now stand and look around in our little country, which is being taken away by foreigners – expats who know nothing about how this country came to be. Ask our older Caymanians and the seafarers.

This little island has police from all over the world and security guards and others who do not have any ties to this country. Instead of bringing people, they need to get rid of 5,000 and let Caymanians look after their own affairs.

I have travelled many places in the world and Cape Town, South Africa, has experienced this same mess that we have now in Cayman. Who are these countries looking after? Not the native but rather the expats. OK, we need doctors and nurses and some teachers, but not that huge amount.

Give our people a chance and let them proceed themselves. If they mess up, it is their country. Every other country is already messed up. Why come here and try to destroy ours by being dictators?

In the 40s when Caymanians struggled to build this country amidst mosquitoes and maiden plum and ticks, where were the expats? Nowhere to be found. As it now stands, they are taking it over. I say go back where you really come from.

If a job is available the expat is chosen and the Caymanian is left out. And do not forget that there are a lot of Caymanians who are against their own people with a wilful grudge and malice – aforethought to do harm.

I am against expats coming to the country on a contract for whatever time frame is given to them and being given another contract. They should not be given another contract to remain in this country regardless of how good they prove themselves to be. Then we will not end up in this mess that we are in today. There are many more places in the world, so go elsewhere.

In 1939 Adolph Hitler, gazing at the British Empire, said he was going to change the face of the world and take it by storm. He was called an idiot. So they will call me likewise.

Lorenzo Berry

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