Sisters getting radio station

Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are about to get a radio station.

The ICTA has approved a dms Broadcasting proposal to create a distinct Sister Islands radio station. Until now, the Sister Islands have relied on rebroadcasts of Grand Cayman stations for their radio service.

Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones

While the exact musical format of the radio station hasn’t been determined, the spoken word content of the new radio station will be entirely dedicated to the Sister Islands including news, weather, sports, and community events. While some news and sports stories will overlap with Grand Cayman, dms Broadcasting General Manager Steve Jones said the community events focus is likely to be the biggest draw for listeners.

‘The residents of the Sister Islands deserve a radio outlet that provides them with information about what is going on in their community, including meetings, fundraisers, and functions,’ he said. ‘dms Broadcasting is proud to be the first broadcaster to establish a plan to serve the Sister Islands.’

The advertising content will also be customised for Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

‘For the first time businesses on the Sister Islands will be able to reach their customers without paying money to unnecessarily reach Grand Cayman,’ said Paul Duckett, dms Broadcasting’s sales manager.

The station will offer commercials to Grand Cayman businesses that wish to reach radio listeners in the Sister Islands.

According to Mr. Duckett, advertising rates on the new radio station will be substantially less than the Grand Cayman stations, reflecting the smaller population on the Sister Islands.

The radio station, 96.5FM, hasn’t been named, but will be based and operated from the dms Broadcasting studios in Grand Cayman, where staff will create customised content for the Sister Islands using a variety of contributors, reporters, and sources of information from the Sister Islands.

The station is scheduled to be on air by the end of the year.

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