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Curfew could be lifted on Little Cayman as soon as Tuesday

New rules coming for travel to Sister Islands and boating

Mandatory COVID-19 tests for unvaccinated travellers leaving Grand Cayman for the sister islands and strict boating restrictions are just some of the new COVID-19 regulations being implemented this week.

Little Cayman’s National Trust opposing over-water bungalow resort

The Little Cayman District Committee of the National Trust for the Cayman Islands has launched a petition objecting to the proposed construction of a resort with overwater bungalows on the island.

Protect Our Future launches Little Cayman conservation campaign

Student advocacy group Protect Our Future's latest video campaign is focussing on highlighting Little Cayman as a Mission Blue 'Hope Spot'.

Planning permission sought for new beach resort on Little Cayman

Owners of a beachside property on Little Cayman are seeking planning permission to build a beach resort with overwater bungalows and on-land cottages on the southern side of the island.
Little Cayman’s new, purpose-built ambulance

Little Cayman receives first purpose-built ambulance

The Health Services Authority (HSA) recently presented Little Cayman with its first new and purpose-built ambulance at the Blossom Village Park

Cayman Brac, Little Cayman each feature two-candidate battles

Sitting MPs Moses Kirkconnell and Juliana O'Connor-Connolly are both facing off against one opponent each, as they fight to secure re-election to represent Cayman Brac West and Little Cayman and Cayman Brac East, respectively.

Home quarantine allowed on Sister Islands

The Cayman Islands Government has approved residents of the Sister Islands to self-quarantine at their homes on Cayman Brac or Little Cayman, from 7 Nov.

Little Cayman novelist publishes ‘The Secret of Rosalita Flats’

Most people dream of being stranded on a tropical island, but down-on-his-luck Cal Batten just wants to sell his dad’s ramshackle, football-shaped house; fly...

Tropical Storm warning discontinued for Sister Islands

Tropical Storm Laura is forecast to strengthen to a hurricane by Tuesday, according to the latest advisory from the National Hurricane Centre in Miami.

COVID-test requirement removed for Sister Islands visits

People visiting the Sister Islands are no longer required to undergo a COVID-19 test prior to their trip.

COVID testing, travel arrangements to Sister Islands outlined

The Health Services Authority has outlined how people who wish to visit Cayman Brac or Little Cayman can arrange COVID-19 tests before travelling.

Rocket debris hauled ashore in Little Cayman

It was almost another fisherman's tale of the 'one that got away'. But debris from a rocket found floating off Cayman Brac has been rediscovered by one of the same anglers.
Point of Sand on Little Cayman.

Little Cayman celebrates lifting of curfews

Within minutes of Premier Alden McLaughlin announcing on Tuesday that Little Cayman’s hard and soft curfews were being lifted, boats were already heading out to sea.

Little Cayman curfew lifted; 3 new virus cases reported in Grand Cayman

Cayman has three new cases of COVID-19, Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee announced as he revealed the latest test results from a batch of 224 samples Tuesday at the daily briefing.
Officials host a meeting at the Aston Rutty Centre in Cayman Brac last week.

Sister Islands residents meet officials on coronavirus

Residents on Cayman Brac and Little Cayman have been meeting with health and government officials to discuss coronavirus preparedness.
The Sister Islands rock iguana faces threats from speeding cars, encroaching development and feral cats.

Rock iguana population numbers ‘critical’

The Sister Islands rock iguana on Little Cayman has been tagged “critically endangered” after the most recent survey taken by the Department of Environment.

Tales of the quake: Sister Islands shaken

Sister Islands residents share their stories of Tuesday's earthquake.

Stranded airline passengers take to the sea

Mechanical problems caused the pilot of a Cayman Airways Twin Otter aircraft to abort the flight from Cayman Brac to Little Cayman on Sunday morning, temporarily stranding travellers from the Sister Islands.

Red stakes mark iguana deaths on Little Cayman

Tanja Laaser says people in Little Cayman were surprised when more than two dozen red stakes marking the spots where rock iguanas had been killed on the roads there appeared in April.

DoE locates missing shark tag

The Department of Environment offered a $200 reward for anyone who located a satellite tag that dislodged from a Caribbean reef shark off Little Cayman on Thursday night, but the tag was found in the end by one of the department’s own officers.

Divers go to unexplored depths at Little Cayman

Divetech’s annual dive event ‘Innerspace’ is typically held on Grand Cayman, but organisers wanted to go somewhere unique for the event’s 15th year.

Little Cayman drugs arrest

A 48-year-old man was arrested in Little Cayman on Saturday on suspicion of possession of cocaine and ganja.

Prince tours Sister Islands, meets with locals

Large crowds do not often assemble on Cayman Brac, but hundreds gathered Thursday on the island’s Bluff to see Prince Charles cut the ribbon on the new 25-metre swimming pool – his first task upon arrival in the Sister Islands.

New Sister Islands commander seeks more police presence

The new police area commander appointed to the Sister Islands says he would like to see a larger police presence on Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

CAL’s new Boeing MAX 8: To the Brac and back

The Boeing 737 MAX 8 took a ‘sightseeing tour’ of Little Cayman and the Brac before setting down at the Charles Kirkconnell International Airport

Sun, Sand and Supper in Little Cayman

On Dec. 7 and 8, the Cayman Culinary Society, in conjunction with the chefs of Little Cayman, will host the first Sun, Sand & Supper weekend on the smallest Sister Island.

Little Cayman has two medical evacuations in two days

A woman in Little Cayman who sustained a head injury following a motorcycle accident was evacuated early Thursday morning to Grand Cayman by the Air Operations Unit.

DoE urges Sister Islands to fight green iguana invasion

The Cayman Islands Department of Environment is hoping to head off a green iguana population explosion in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman like the one seen on Grand Cayman, where it is estimated there are more than 1 million of the invasive reptiles.

Pirates Week brings buccaneers to all three islands

In 1977, after a very long absence, pirates once again landed on the shores of Grand Cayman, zealously disembarking their ships and trawling the streets of George Town, swords raised.

Primary students take on marine challenge

Children at Cayman’s public primary schools are being challenged to show their creativity to win a class field trip to the Central Caribbean Marine Institute on Little Cayman.

Seabird study team highlights feral cat threat

Feral cats pose a threat to rare seabird populations on the Sister Islands, according to researchers who worked on a two-year study of nesting colonies.

Little Cayman prepares for annual agriculture show

Blossom Village Community Park’s laid-back atmosphere will be transformed into a marketplace of garden plants and various competitions for everyone to enjoy when the annual Little Cayman Agriculture Show kicks off Saturday.

Public safety radio equipment on the way

The Cayman Islands is scheduled to take delivery this week of a new communication system for future disaster-related emergencies.

Sister Islands welcome new governor

Moments after his arrival on Cayman Brac on Wednesday, March 28, the Cayman Islands’ new governor, Anwar Choudhury, found himself shaking hands with John Gayle, 13, a member of the Brac’s cadet corps.

Governor visits Sister Islands

New Cayman Islands Governor Anwar Choudhury spent Wednesday getting an introduction to Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

Letter: Government is right to cull Sister Islands’ feral cats

All the feral cats I find on my property, I will give them to the government.

Lionfish study expands amid positive results

Lionfish are being hunted by native predators on Cayman’s reefs at much greater rates than previously imagined – an encouraging sign that nature may provide a solution to the problem of invasive species.

Building ‘boom’ does not include the Sister Islands

In reference to the Nov. 9 article (“Planning statistics show ‘explosion’ in development”) and Nov. 14 editorial (“Planning for – and embracing – a trajectory of growth”), regarding the “explosion” of development in Grand Cayman.

Pirates invade Little Cayman

Pirates stormed Cayman Brac at the Nov. 4 weekend, turned their sights on Grand Cayman over the long holiday weekend that started on Nov. 11, and last weekend was the turn of Little Cayman, which got the final taste of this year’s Pirates Week swashbuckling and marauding.

Ocean Conservation Month puts focus on plastic pollution

A tiny turtle hatchling negotiates a minefield of plastics and other debris as it makes its journey toward the sea. The image, snapped by a visiting media crew on a Little Cayman beach, demonstrates the threat posed by carelessly discarded trash to the island’s marine life.

Research vessel Alucia calls in on Sister Islands

A 184-foot-long research and exploration vessel, complete with submersibles capable of reaching depths of more than half a mile, called in to the Sister Islands this week.

Cayman cuts permit fees for hurricane evacuees

Hurricane evacuees who have come to Cayman from the British Virgin Islands and other eastern Caribbean financial services centers can receive reduced-price or even free temporary work permits, after their initial permission to stay on island has expired.

Little Cayman residents save sea turtle trapped under porch

Two Little Cayman residents dug an adult female sea turtle from underneath the deck of a home last week when it became apparent the turtle could not free itself.

Little Cayman coral spawning proves restoration potential

Muffled shouts of glee bubbled through dive masks in Little Cayman as scientists witnessed a spectacular display of viability by the Central Caribbean Marine Institute’s coral nursery. For the first time since its establishment, the nursery’s staghorn and elkhorn coral synchronously spawned in late August.

Remembering Blossom Village

This Image of Blossom Village, downtown Little Cayman, goes back to 1974, when approximately 25 people lived on the island. There were but a few weekly flights via an old DC-3 aircraft. This photographer remembers stopping by “WeOne,” a tiny grocery store owned by Douglas Chisholm.

50 years ago: Missouri divers love Little Cayman

In the Aug. 9, 1967 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, the following article appeared: “Forty-one divers from Missouri, recently spent an active week of scuba diving in the Cayman Islands."

Venezuelans in Cayman vote in referendum

Nearly 70 percent of Cayman’s small Venezuelan population voted Sunday in opposition of President Nicolas Maduro’s plan to rewrite their nation’s Constitution.

Burgess Meredith’s son recalls Little Cayman

Jonathan Meredith visited Little Cayman only once, but it made an impression to last a lifetime. Mr. Meredith, the son of actor Burgess Meredith, visited Little Cayman in 1970 as part of a class project. He shared his memories with the Cayman Compass. Only 17 people called Little Cayman home when Jonathan Meredith visited, and he said his father made only a few visits to the little house he built on the north side of the island.

50 years: Police step up probe in LC skeleton case

In the June 21, 1967 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, reporter R.M. Walters wrote the following: “The Cayman Islands Police, under command of Chief of Police Mr. R.S. Besant, are stepping up investigations into the mystery of the human skeleton in Little Cayman."

19 loggerhead turtle nests discovered on Little Cayman

Nineteen loggerhead turtle nests and another 21 "turtle related activities" were verified recently on Little Cayman by Department of Environment turtle conservation intern Lucy Collyer.

Proposed Little Cayman road draws DoE warning

Proposals for a new road in Little Cayman could open up 200 acres of “pristine primary habitat” to potential development, the Department of Environment has warned.

Art hits the road in Little Cayman

Youngsters in Little Cayman got an up-close encounter with the National Gallery’s permanent collection in early April, thanks to a new program that takes artwork on the road.

Retreats offered on Little Cayman

Debbi Truchan, owner of D’Art of Living, is offering “life-clarifying” retreats on Little Cayman.

UPDATED: Emergency airport exercise on Little Cayman canceled

Cayman Airways is advising the public, particularly residents in Little Cayman, that the airline will be conducting a full-scale emergency exercise at the Edward Bodden Airfield on Little Cayman on Tuesday, April 25.

Anonymous $500K gift for reef research in Little Cayman

Little Cayman’s marine research center has received a major boost in the form of an anonymous US$500,000 donation to support its research on coral reefs. Unusually, the donor asked for no publicity of its large cash gift, requesting that the focus be placed on the work being done at the Central Caribbean Marine Institute. Carrie Manfrino, president and director of research and conservation at CCMI, said large donations of that kind were the “life blood” of nonprofit organizations.

50 years ago: MLAs head to Sister Islands for the day

In the March 1, 1967 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, news from the Sister Islands included: “Just after 10 a.m. on Thursday last, after a delay to change a spark plug, the DC-3 left for the Lesser Islands with MLAs and their wives who were paying an official fact-finding tour to Cayman Brac and Little Cayman."

Little Cayman Booby Pond nominated for expanded protection

Little Cayman’s Booby Pond on the island’s south side is among six sites on the island nominated for Protected Area status under Cayman’s new National Conservation Law. According to the Department of Environment website, Booby Pond is the Cayman Islands’ only Ramsar site – a designation it received in 1994 as a wetland of international importance.

Tarpon Lake nominated for protection

Little Cayman’s Tarpon Lake is among six sites on the island recently slated for consideration as protected areas under the National Conservation Law, which provides for the establishment of new protected areas and expansion of existing protected areas.

Science class beneath the waves

Little Cayman’s marine research center aims to take classrooms under the water in a new initiative that will allow scientists to broadcast lessons to classrooms around the world from beneath the waves.

New yoga offering on Little Cayman

A new business in Little Cayman is offering yoga on-the-go.

Building material duty freeze extended

The government has extended a 15 percent import duty rate on building materials imported to Grand Cayman until Dec. 31, 2017.

Developer sued over Little Cayman ‘house in a box’ deals

A U.K. pension administrator is suing Crown Acquisitions Worldwide, alleging the real estate developer took its money for several land lots in a Little Cayman subdivision and failed to transfer the land or get plans approved for homes.

Little Cayman pirates

There were plenty of fantastic costumes and floats and lots of children at the Little Cayman Pirates Week festivities over the weekend of Nov. 4-6. The parade was a big draw for the island and there were some impressive costumes.

Pirates ‘invade’ Little Cayman

Swashbucklers swarmed Little Cayman as Pirates Week officially got under way in Little Cayman over the weekend. Crowds gathered for a flotilla parade on Saturday, when pirates and other patrons enjoyed a costume competition, a pirate dance, food and drinks.

Little Cayman Pirates Week kicks off on Friday

Little Cayman’s Pirates Week events begin this weekend with a full schedule of fun.

Renovations at CCMI making room for more visitors

It might be the off-season for the Central Caribbean Marine Institute, but things are far from quiet. The sounds of hammers, saws and grinders have replaced the laughter, lectures and sounds of children and researchers at the Marine Institute.

Spooktacular fun run on Saturday

All residents, visitors and ghosts are invited to the 2016 edition of the Spooktacular Fun Run in Little Cayman.

Ship salutes Sister Islands in honor of Mary McCoy

The Hoegh Trooper, a 656-foot-long cargo ship, rerouted to pass close to Cayman Brac last week and blew its whistle 10 times to honor Little Cayman’s Mary McCoy, a pioneer in tourism on Little Cayman who passed away last month. Raymond Scott organizes ships to pass by the islands whenever a seaman or his wife dies, and blow the whistle in their honor.

Hybrid iguanas found on Little Cayman

The invasive green iguana species has successfully bred with the indigenous rock iguana on Little Cayman, creating a hybrid offspring scientists had thought was not possible.

Hatch of the day

Researchers in Little Cayman witnessed a rare sight last week as all three species of sea turtles found in the Cayman Islands hatched on the same beach on the same night.

CCMI seeks grant to continue lionfish studies

Little Cayman’s marine research center has suspended its lionfish tagging program while it waits to see if it will get grant money to continue its groundbreaking research on the invasive species.

Little Cayman trip offers lasting memories

An educational trip to Little Cayman has proved to be truly memorable for a group of George Town students.

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