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Helping hand for nesting birds

Many types of birds make their nests on Cayman Brac’s cliffs and rocky shores, but due to an unfortunate chance convergence of ocean currents, its rugged coastline also accumulates masses of floating garbage.

Little Cayman hosts annual foodie fest November 14

Tiny Little Cayman, only 10 square miles in size and with a permanent population of about 150, is nonetheless home to a high-caliber cooking competition that draws chefs from far and wide.

Police launch second round of community clinics

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service is launching another round of its community clinics throughout the Cayman Islands.

West Bay kids make splash in Little Cayman

Sir John A. Cumber students spent three days on Little Cayman attending a marine ecology course learning about ocean ecosystems.

From the Publishers: Compass launches daily ‘District Days’ pages

We are pleased to announce that beginning today – and every day of the weeks going forward – the Cayman Compass will be publishing a new feature called “District Days,” which will focus on the unique diversity, history and culture of all our districts.

Researchers track shark numbers

Researchers are tracking shark, snapper and grouper populations to monitor the health of predators on Cayman’s reefs.

Landfill to reach capacity in 2021, say consultants

Consultants say the George Town landfill will reach capacity by summer of 2021 unless a new strategy for managing solid waste is introduced. A new National Solid Waste Management Strategy for the Cayman Islands, released for public consultation Monday, estimates that even with all of the recommendations to reduce and recycle trash, the George Town landfill would have only “a limited number of years” beyond 2021.

Liquor license holders get extended 'grace period'

Cayman Islands liquor license holders who do not currently own or operate a liquor-related business will now get up to five years to retain those licenses, during which time they can apply for a business license.

Brac Reef owners to buy Cobalt Coast

The popular Cobalt Coast dive resort in Grand Cayman will be sold to JEM Holdings Ltd., the owner of two similar resorts on the Sister Islands.

'Fundamental change' for Cayman politics

Not all lawmakers support 'one man, one vote,' but all agree it will profoundly change Cayman Islands politics.

Bush threatens legal challenge over new voting maps

Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush said Friday that he is weighing a potential legal challenge to the new voting maps that will split the electorate into 19 single-member constituent districts ahead of the May 2017 general election.

Lionfish cook-off is highlight of weekend cull

Lionfish culling tournament and cookoff takes place this weekend, hosted by C.U.L.L.

Free flu shots available at hospitals, health centers

Starting this week, all residents can get flu vaccines for free at the Cayman Islands Hospital.

Government accepts 19-seat voting map

Barring a major legislative revolt against Premier Alden McLaughlin’s government in the next day or so, Cayman’s 2017 general election will go forward under the principle of “one man, one vote.” Premier McLaughlin made public on Wednesday the legislative order for 19 single-member constituent districts, anticipating that debate on the motion to accept the 2015 Electoral Boundary Commission’s district maps would commence later Wednesday or on Thursday.

Busy week of bills for lawmakers

The Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly is set to be inundated this week with bills seeking massive change to the country’s business culture and its political election system.

Gladys Howard remembered for her contribution and cheer

Remembered as one of Little Cayman’s biggest cheerleaders, an environmentalist and friend, Gladys Howard passed away Saturday in Texas. She was 83.

'One man, one vote' heads to legislature

Cayman's move to 'one man, one vote' for the 2017 general election could be cemented later this month.

Auditor 'disappointed' in planning board reappointments

Cayman’s outgoing Auditor General Alastair Swarbrick said he was “disappointed” to learn the members of the Central Planning Authority and the Sister Islands Development Control Board were reappointed following a damning audit released by his office earlier this year.

Bill seeks to eliminate liquor license 'black market'

Sweeping changes proposed for Cayman’s Liquor Licensing Law seek to end what government and business leaders have often described as the “black market” for liquor licenses.

Brac air and sea patrols find ganja

An undisclosed amount of ganja was found in the waters off Cayman Brac during police air and sea patrols last week.

Inductees, honorees to be added to Scuba Hall of Fame

Inductees and honorees to be celebrated at 2015 International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame event on Oct 2.

'Not enough evidence' in Little Cayman robbery

Nearly two years after five men arrived via boat on the shores of Cayman’s smallest island to rob a convenience store, no charges have been filed in the case.

Resurgence in Little Cayman turtle nesting

A record number of turtle nests have been recorded in Little Cayman this year. Researchers have counted 156 nests on the island so far this nesting season.

Planning board reappointed after critical report

All members of the Cayman Islands Central Planning Authority have been reappointed in the wake of an audit report.

Craft carrying bodies was from Jamaica

A small fishing boat found Aug. 25 with two decomposing bodies was registered in Jamaica.

Enterprise City gives office space to marine institute

The Central Caribbean Marine Institute will have a Grand Cayman presence in the special economic zone.

Latest landfill report cites multiple risks

Fires, combustible and poisonous gases, and offensive odors are again pointed out as the risks and nuisances associated with the George Town landfill in the latest of a series of reports about dump sites in the Cayman Islands. 

The report, by U.K. consultants Amec Foster Wheeler, is based on data collected from monitoring and surveying in April 2014. The report is dated Aug. 3, but it was not made public until Aug. 28.

Small business tax breaks extended

Cayman's small and 'micro' businesses will get another year of breaks on licensing fees.

Post-mortem for men found on boat

A pathologist will examine the bodies of two men found Tuesday on a small boat off the coast of Little Cayman to determine the cause of death.

Case files: A year in the life of the Labour Tribunal

The Labour Tribunal sided with disgruntled employees in the majority of unfair dismissal claims brought during a 12-month period reviewed by the Cayman Compass.

Landfill fires: A reminder from Antigua

We highlight Antigua’s problems with landfill fires not for the purpose of reveling in schadenfreude about what has happened over there, but as a reminder — or a warning — of what could very well happen over here … again … at any moment.

Police find bodies on drifting boat

Marine police made a gruesome find while patrolling off the coast of Little Cayman Tuesday.

Corpses found in boat off Little Cayman

Two decomposing bodies were found on board a fishing boat southwest of Little Cayman Tuesday.

Summer getaways are easier than you think

Weekender rounds up some of Cayman's most popular holiday destinations.

New elections map goes to governor, assembly

Cayman's Electoral Boundary Commission has completed its work, leaving the fate of "one person, one vote" in the hands of lawmakers.

New plane sparks hope of Brac revival

Cayman Airways adds a new 34-seat turboprop plane to its fleet amid high hopes that it will help spark a tourism revival on Cayman Brac.

Cayman's fine-feathered friends

In the Cayman Islands, there are some unique opportunities for the popular pastime of bird watching. Cayman is home to more than 230 resident and migratory species – and a great variety can be spotted right in the gardens of island residences.

Police command changes put more women in charge

Female police officers are moving up the ranks at the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

Little Cayman rocks with Flor de Caña

The residents of Little Cayman drink more Flor de Caña 12-year-old rum per capita than anyone else in the world, so Tortuga Rum Company celebrated with a party.

Little Cayman's big summer shutdown

Businesses across Little Cayman are pulling up the shutters from this weekend in preparation for the great summer slowdown. 

Three of the four major resorts on the island will close for at least two months and the Hungry Iguana bar and restaurant will also shut its doors.

Report: Caribbean lionfish showing signs of cannibalism

According to a recent study, Caribbean lionfish have the potential for cannibalistic behaviour.

Development board reappointed after audit report

All serving members of the Cayman Brac and Little Cayman Development Control Board have been reappointed through mid-2017 following the release to lawmakers of an auditor’s report that questioned some of the board’s activities.

Auditor General Report: Planning decisions 'not transparent'

Cayman's financial watchdog shines the spotlight on the appointed boards that control local development behind the scenes.

From Grand to Little. a relaxing island-hop

What is there to do in Little Cayman if you are not a scuba diver? Not a lot, which is the beauty of this tiny largely undeveloped island.

Recalling Caymanian seaman's WWII service

Writer highlights father's accomplishments during World War 2.

Little Cayman building named for Gladys Howard

The National Trust Visitors Centre on Little Cayman has been renamed after dive pioneer and Little Cayman stalwart Gladys Howard.

Four women make history as Rotary presidents

Rotaract clubs make history by electing four female presidents at the same time.

British Navy ship visits Cayman

British Navy support ship the RFA Lyme Bay is scheduled to arrive Wednesday in Grand Cayman for five days.

US scientists land in Little Cayman

Researchers from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory are presenting a series of lectures in Little Cayman this summer.

Reaction to vote maps mixed

Former members of the "one man, one vote" grassroots movement finally get the voting map they wanted.

Strzalko's racing for cancer

A local kiteboarder has entered a 100-mile race in America this weekend as preparation for a charity event of the same distance from Little Cayman to Grand Cayman at the end of the year.

International Diving Hall of Fame names local honorees

The International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame has selected three local honorees to join the ranks of dive industry legends this year.

No change for small districts in draft voting maps

Cayman's smallest two voting districts are left untouched by the Electoral Boundary Commission.

Electoral boundaries map has 19 seats

Single-member voting districts in the Cayman Islands get a new look with 19 Legislative Assembly seats now on the map.

Prison inspection report: Police holding cells in poor state

A new detention center for police sits empty while a UK inspection report criticizes current conditions for detainees at the George Town police station.

Bush response: Ex-governor, premier in on removal plan

Cayman's opposition leader hits back at a defamation lawsuit against him.

One man, one vote: Grand Cayman, on the chopping block

A picture says a thousand words. In the case of single-member district voting in the Cayman Islands, we expect the new boundary maps will spark thousands upon thousands of words of discussion.

Cubans pack detention center

More than 50 Cubans were being held in Grand Cayman’s Immigration Detention Center Monday after another boatload docked at Cayman Brac over the weekend.

Free HIV testing throughout Cayman this week

The Health Services Authority, in collaboration with the Cayman AIDS Foundation and the Red Cross, is offering free HIV testing and counseling throughout this week.

Voting district maps due out next week

Cayman will soon get a look at its new election maps.

Cayman coral study published in global research journal

An article based on the results of a study of staghorn coral in artificial coral nurseries in the Cayman Islands has been published in the scientific journal Endangered Species Research.

Cayman Airways drops Panama route

Cayman Airways has dropped its seasonal flight to Panama, with government signaling a switch in policy from attempting to attract new tourists from South America.

Heavy rains pound Cayman

Heavy rains soaked Cayman for the third consecutive day on Wednesday, driving some residents out of their homes, forcing motorists to take alternate routes and prompting some schools to close.

Premier says he will back 'one man, one vote'

Cayman's premier vows to press on with changes in the territory's general election voting system.

More cocaine washes ashore

Police say an estimated 15 kilos of cocaine washed ashore on Little Cayman Monday.

Mosquito plane targeting swamps

The Mosquito Research and Control Unit plane plans to cover Cayman’s swamps over the next 10 days before the rainy season picks up.

Electric cars bound for Cuba – from Cayman Islands

In the next two months, John Felder of Cayman Automotive, who introduced electric vehicles to much of the Caribbean, expects to ship the first electric cars to Cuba.

Workforce Development to visit Sister Islands

Representatives from the National Workforce Development Agency will visit Cayman Brac this week to help job seekers.

CCMI chief gets prestigious Fulbright scholarship

The head of a Cayman Islands marine research center has been granted the prestigious U.S. Fulbright Scholar Award to study the potential of coral reefs in protecting small island nations against the impact of climate change.

Boundary commission invites more input

After completing the round of district meetings, the Electoral Boundary Commission will hold "open house" May 19, 20 and 21.

25% of Caymanians not registered to vote

A quarter of eligible voters in Cayman are not registered for the May 2017 general election.

Districts on opposite ends of voting debate

West Bay and Bodden Town districts go in different directions on a proposed voting change for Cayman.

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