New yoga offering on Little Cayman

Claire McGee of Little Island Yoga

A new business in Little Cayman is offering yoga on-the-go.

The yoga studio, the only one on the island, was started by resident professional diver Claire M. McGee.

“I started Little Island Yoga to share my passion with others,” said Ms. McGee, who is a Yoga Alliance registered teacher specializing in traditional hatha yoga.

“At the same time, the classes deepen my own practice through the continuous, inspirational life lessons [that] teaching yoga offers.”

Ms. McGee says the yoga classes are for people of all backgrounds and abilities, and beginners especially are welcome.

“It’s a myth that you need to be flexible to practice yoga,” Ms. McGee said.

In addition to regularly scheduled yoga classes, Little Island Yoga also offers private sessions that can be tailored to individual needs, she said.

“Yoga is the bridge between doing and being,” Ms. McGee said in a press release. “It’s an empirical science aimed at understanding life’s most important questions …. Yoga teaches that we are already perfect, whole and complete just as we are, and with practice, we can free our minds of the subconscious conditioning that makes us constantly look outside ourselves for fulfillment.”

When not teaching yoga, Ms. McGee works as a scuba diving instructor for Conch Club Divers. She has been part of the Little Cayman community since 2011.

“I’m passionate about the natural environment, and Little Cayman is renowned for its unspoiled beauty,” she said. “Nature is an incredible tool to help us understand who we really are.”

She said she uses the tranquil surroundings in Little Cayman to illustrate the possibilities yoga offers.

“Imagine a remote tropical island paradise, white sand beaches, turquoise waters and breathtaking night skies,” Ms. McGee said. “Visualize being there, breathing deeply, filling your lungs with the fresh, clean sea air, and then, as you exhale, imagine relaxing completely, unwinding and tuning in to the rhythms of the natural world around you.

“In this state, your awareness is brought into the present: the only place where life exists. You feel a deep connection with all that is, and you feel completely at peace. This is yoga.”

For more information, follow the Little Island Yoga Facebook page, email [email protected] or call 922-7326.

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