In the March 1, 1967 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, news from the Sister Islands included:

“Just after 10 a.m. on Thursday last, after a delay to change a spark plug, the DC-3 left for the Lesser Islands with MLAs and their wives who were paying an official fact-finding tour to Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. After a false start one or two of the travellers decided to stay at home but those who ventured forth were well rewarded by an excellently arranged, interesting and pleasant day with smooth flying all the way.

“It is a good advertisement for the C.B.A. that Mrs. Celia Rutty, who is scared of flying, acted as hostess on the Kingston flight on the 19th and for this flight and made a very good job of serving the coffee.

“With Capt. Cruz in the pilot’s seat, Mr. P.H. Williams as copilot and cruising at 150 mph at a height of 6,000 feet it was fascinating to fly over the island and be able to pick out every home, church etc. quite distinctly.

“On arrival, the flight was met by a police constable in full dress uniform, and a courtesy rum punch awaiting them. The distinguished guests were met by Mr. Dennis Foster, District Commissioner, his wife and others from the island. They then boarded the blue school bus, ably driven by Mr. Selburn Lazzari, for a tour of Cayman Brac, going along the coast from east to west in the morning and on the south for a short distance after a delicious buffet lunch served at the Buccaneer’s Inn.

“Mr. Foster gave a valuable commentary en route and several stops were made including the schools, Gov’t offices, power plant, etc. and of course particular attention was drawn to the bad condition of the roads.

“The antiquated method of discharging cargo at the Creek was fully demonstrated as the Kirk Trader was anchored and the small boats were plying back and forth. On the dock was the 75 year old crane, purchased by Mr. Charles Briggs, an American, for one pound, which has done yeoman service …

“At the conclusion of the lunch … Mr. T.W. Farrington spoke on behalf of the visitors. He said that they were very glad indeed of the opportunity of seeing some of the development in the island which had impressed them very much indeed, and were particularly pleased with the new Sec. Mod. School which he was sure filled a long felt need …

“Leaving the Gerrard Smith Airport (named after two former Commissioners) at about 4 p.m. it was not long before the party were touching down on the grass airstrip at Little Cayman which was studded with bright yellow flowers which looked like giant buttercups.

“Mr. Dave Williams, manager of the Southern Cross Club, Mrs. Dillon Kirkconnell and Mr. Carol Scott were on hand to give greeting and to supply transport to the Club where a courtesy drink was enjoyed and some of the group engaged in a very serious discussion on the rearing in captivity of green turtles with a member of the Club who is interested in undertaking such a project in Little Cayman. They also visited the home of Mr. Dillon Kirkconnell and some travelled through Blossom Village, the only local settlement on the island.

“Arriving back in Grand Cayman about 6 p.m. the consensus of opinion was that it had been a very worthwhile trip.”

In the same issue, Cayman Brac correspondent Lilian Ritch wrote:

“The Spot Bay Youth Club had a programme at the Bethel Baptist Church on the 18th entitled ‘Speak up for Christ’ with Mr. Randall Douglas as chairman.

“This was followed by a cake sale, the purpose of which was to raise a donation for the hospital fund.

“The M.V. Trial came in from the fishing banks on Friday. She made a catch of 74 turtle which were sold in all three islands.

“Miss Aline Watson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Watson of Watering Place, returned home from Jamaica in much improved health.

“Capt. Alderman Scott (Retd.) of Pensacola, Florida, spent a short vacation here as guest of Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Foster.

“A very large and representative gathering of the community met in the Sec. Mod. schoolhouse on Wednesday the Feb. 22 to hear and discuss the constitutional proposals, i.e. agreement reached by the majority of the members of the Legislature in Committee Meetings. Mr. Burns Rutty MLA carefully and clearly explained the proposed changes and moved through discussion to obtain the views of the people, making notes to report back to the House in March. Mr. D.H. Foster, District Commissioner, chaired the meeting.”

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