Miss Cayman contestants learn about wine

Grand Old House manager Martin Richter held a tasting seminar at the restaurant on Monday night to teach the Miss Cayman contestants about wine.

Wine tasting

Miss Cayman contestants and chaperones that learned about wine from Grand Old House manager Martin Richter were, front row from left, contestants Nikita Jackson and Stephanie Espuet, chaperone Faith Ebanks, contestant Kimberly Arch, chaperone Pat Ulett, contestants Rebecca Parchment, Nicole Ebanks and Rebecca Ebanks, and, back row from left, Andrea Rivera, and chaperone Karen Edie.
Photo: Alan Markoff

The girls, chaperoned by several members of the Miss Cayman committee, learned about how to properly hold wine and champagne glasses, how to smell and taste wines, and about the distinguishing flavours of different wines.

‘Tasting is a knowledge,’ Mr. Richter told the contestants, adding that they should trust their own senses when determining what they like. ‘Don’t listen to the other guy. If you think it tastes good, it’s good.’

Mr. Richter also urged the young women speak up when dining out if something is not right.

‘Don’t accept poor service, poor food or wine you don’t like,’ he said, adding that people in the food industry would appreciate legitimate complaints. ‘Most people just don’t know how to complain tastefully.’

Miss Cayman committee member Pat Ulett said she’d like to see the wine tasting an annual event for the contestants, and that it would help prepare the eventual winner for some of her duties.

‘When they represent Cayman on an international level, they’re going to have dinners with wine, and they need to know about these things,’ she said. ‘I learned some things, too.’

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