KPMG offers offsite storage services

KPMG’s IT Advisory practice has introduced Offsite Backup Storage services.

The service aims to protect an organisation’s data in case of damages to its IT equipment by offering secure facilities to store backup media, stated a press release.

The service meets two organisational needs:

provide an approach to help organisations protect their backup media not presently being stored offsite.

remove the burden of bringing backup media to a third party location for organisations that currently manage the process themselves.

KPMG also provides secure transportation and appropriate procedures meeting audit standards.

‘KPMG will pick up your backup media, transport them in a secure manner and store them in our secure data room,’ said Micho Schumann, KPMG’s IT Advisory Senior Manager.

KPMG’s data room, which is located in Cricket Square, is a hurricane rated building, is well above sea level and only accessible to a limited number of individuals. KPMG will return the backup media at a predetermined time and pick up a new set of backup media to ensure media rotation. Delivery and pick up will be done in a secure van in which a safe is installed to securely transport the backup medias, the release said.

In case of an emergency, KPMG will deliver the backup media to the organisation’s office, enabling businesses to rapidly restore data and get operations running again.

‘We are really excited to offer this premium service to businesses in Grand Cayman.’ stated KPMG Partner John Ferrari.

Mr. Schumann, who will be supervising the entire process, has over seven years of information systems security experience, is the author of many information security articles in the local media, holds a Masters degree in Information Systems as well as the designations of Certified Information Systems Security Professional and Certified Information Systems Auditor. Mr. Schumann also holds professional designations with regards to firewalls, secure networks and UNIX security.

‘I look forward to working with local businesses to help them make sure their data will be available when they need it the most,’ he said.


For further information about KPMG’s Offsite Backup Storage services please contact Micho Schumann on 949-4800 or at [email protected].

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