We should live in harmony

I understand the position of letter writer of ‘Reader wants expats gone’ with respect to maintaining culture and the importance of teaching his children what his fore fathers had taught him in order to preserve Cayman culture.

Regardless, if you are in Cayman or any other part of the world this can be taught and it is up to the parents to do this.

We would not be unique had we not continued traditions from our past that make us apart of the culture we are today. I was deeply offended with the writer’s remarks about Hitler.

One race is not the answer.

God loves all of us. Nobody is made any different in his eyes so why should we treat each other differently?

If we all lived in harmony we would not have wars, revolutions, racism or rebellions.

Cayman in the 40s was exactly how the writer had depicted.

However, in today’s society the country could not survive without the outside influence of expatriates.

The main industry other then tourism is banking. Should we remove the expatriates and their investment from your banks how would that effect Cayman economy?

In addition, there are many Caymanians that also live abroad and travel to see the outside world and experience different opportunities.

The expatriates are not trying to take over Cayman. If that were to ever happen that would only be because it was allowed to happen as dictated by government. I have had the privilege of living in Cayman for several years and have made many friends both local and foreign. As an expatriate I do feel it is a privilege to live in your country. I am not looking for status or residency, I am just looking for the right to live and enjoy your country and its people.

When Ivan hit the island I did not run from your country. I stayed and help rebuild right next to everyone. I could have very easily gone home and was ashamed that many of my fellow countrymen did just that.

It was the one time in Cayman that everyone came together.

There was no expat vs. Caymanian. Everyone helped each other. Now with the rollover, those expats that stayed behind and help rebuild Cayman are being sent off.

While those that left have the opportunity to come back and start a fresh seven years again. I would hope in the future that you would consider this and remember that God does love and accept us all as one.

The sooner we adopt this way of thinking the sooner we will have world peace and less time to waste on topics like this!

Tracey Pilkey

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