You mad a wa?!

To the writer of ‘Reader wants expats gone,’ first off, comparing yourself to Adolf Hitler is nauseating, even if it is just to prove a point.

Although, I wholeheartedly agree with you on the point that the government needs to look after our youth, the first step begins with the parenting.

Children need to be instilled with motivation for themselves before the government can be expected to do anything for them.

I am Caymanian. I work in recruiting-, focusing mainly on Caymanian recruiting and I can tell you from what I see each and every week that I am embarrassed at how our youth has been uneducated to represent themselves let alone our country.

How can anyone honestly believe that this island can survive without our foreign help?

Many of the jobs that they are doing Caymanians are too proud to even think about doing much less for the rate that they do it at.

Our expatriate family is the clockwork of our country that allows us to enjoy the standard of living we have all become so accustomed to.

For a dose of reality, without them we would have no lawyers, no banking, and no hospitality; which mind you includes everything on this island from the Ritz-Carlton all the way to the barkeep at Over The Edge.

To believe that we Caymanians are able to keep this country running as brilliantly as it does is absurd.

If I’m not speaking clearly enough for you, Boy, you mad a wa?!

Tawnie Tomlinson

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