Crossing the line of common sense

At my workplace and on the streets of George Town my Caymanian friends have expressed displeasure about a letter penned by some irate person who wants to get rid of all foreigners.

‘Oh what else is new,’ I thought to myself. That’s an old worn out tune. And so is the part about the mosquitoes, the seafarers, ticks and so on and so on …. ‘Bla- bla- bla’ was my response. However, when the writer, Mr. L Berry justifies his stupidity by quoting Adolf Hitler – well he crossed the line of common sense.

Mr. Berry needs to wake up and get a life, foreigners are here to stay. Rollover policies or Nazi tactics will not diminish their presence, because the hard working, intelligent Caymanians will see to that.

Mr. Berry’s state of misery is a sad thing. When the ‘ship of fools’ leaves George Town harbour, I suggest that Mr. Berry is on it. To hate so much is like burning down your own house to get rid of a rat.

H G Nowak

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