Finding workers difficult

Regarding ‘expats go home,’ I am sure the argument can go and back forth until the sun stops shining.

But as an employee I see so much effort made to recruit Caymanians and no response by Caymanians.

Just recently we posted a job and we had close to 20 responses.

We contacted everyone for an interview by phone and email.

Four people scheduled interviews. Two people showed up for their interviews.

The others didn’t even call or try to reschedule.

We offered the job to someone and they took two weeks to tell us they decided to go elsewhere. I believe a lot of effort went into this.

Also this process has repeated itself in other attempts made to hire Caymanians.

I think it is good idea to keep jobs for Caymanians but there are more jobs than people. It seems in order to keep up with demand other people have to be brought in. Just an observation.

Monica Fridge

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