Roy Bodden at it again

Well, Roy Bodden is at it again. He’s failed as a politician, now he’s trying a comeback as a union boss.

Roy is trying to convince us that unions are good for us. He says that we need more representation. He sys, ‘Currently, only employers in the Cayman Islands have representation, which comes through the Chamber of Commerce.’

Roy is forgetting that, for years, the Chamber has done everything in its power to make life better for employees. Just look at the incredible number of courses that employees can take to advance themselves. Their education programme is far more effective than the backward approach that was taken to education by Roy when he was Minister for Education. Remember the TVET incentive? One big, expensive fair was held and, no sooner had Roy gotten off the stage and away from the microphone, than nothing was done after that. If you can’t educate our people, Roy, don’t be jealous of those who do.

Roy also tells us: ‘I am a proponent of the Tripartite System between the employer, employee and Government.’ Sounds like a good idea, but wait a minute. Does everyone pay an equal share in this system? Whoops. It appears that the only one who pays is the employer. All three resolve concerns but only one pays. Forgive me, Roy, but whenever it’s two against one, I get a little suspicious as to whether there’s any fairness there.

Roy also assures us that, ‘People think unions want strikes, but unions don’t make any money when employees strike.’ Sorry, Roy, as a Caymanian who has lived in the US, I can tell you that the union bosses live off of nothing but union dues. They make more money than the people they represent, just like you did when you were a Minister. Eventually, the union workers say, ‘Hey, why are we paying these guys?’ That’s when the union bosses announce a strike for higher wages. Then everybody is out of work for months and can’t support their families. In the end, they get two cents more an hour and the union bosses call it a success! Of course, the union bosses pay themselves all through the strike.

Trade unions elsewhere have been shown to be a sham that only bleeds the gullible employees of their hard-earned dollars.

Roy, before the last election, you stated at the Chamber of Commerce Candidates Forum that you wanted unions. Not even your fellow team mates agreed with you. We voted you out. You failed us as a Minister and we would trust you even less as a greedy union boss. Stick to writing books. Stay out of our paychecks.

Henry Bodden

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