Fire damages ShirReynold’s bar

A building that once operated as the Cayman Islands first roller skating rink lost part of its roof in a fire this weekend.

ShirReynolds bar and restaurant

Shondel Bodden with the planning department (on step ladder) and electrician Edward Johnson take stock of the damage after an overnight fire at ShirReynolds bar and restaurant. Fire crews said flames broke out in the roof toward the back of the building, causing part of it to collapse. Photo: Brent Fuller

Flames broke out in a back section of the roof above the ShirReynold’s restaurant and bar on Eastern Avenue just before midnight Sunday. Fire crews were able to quickly contain the blaze, but the building sustained a good deal of smoke and water damage.

A section of the business’s roof collapsed onto some bar tables in what owner Shirley Reynolds said was the sports bar section of the establishment.

Ms Reynolds said no one was in the sports bar area when flames broke out. She said there were a few people in the neighbouring night club, but everyone was evacuated and there were no injuries reported.

It was unclear what caused the fire. Planning officials and an electrician were on scene Monday morning, along with Cayman Islands Fire Service inspectors.

Ms Reynolds said she intended to fully re-open the restaurant-bar and the neighbouring night club as soon as things were cleaned up and power was restored. It was not clear at press time when that might occur.

‘It just looks like a wreck inside,’ Ms Reynolds said.

When asked about how the fire would affect the long-time Caymanian establishment, co-owner Stephen Wright said: ‘We ain’t gonna get into that, not today.’

The building opened as a skating rink and recreation centre in 1980. A nearby structure where Ms Reynolds lived started as a small restaurant a few years prior to the rink’s opening. In 1987, the larger building, which housed the skating rink was turned into a nightclub-bar dubbed ‘Club ’87.’

Residents of a nearby apartment complex who contacted the Caymanian Compass about the fire said smoke from the blaze was filtering over into their building and making it difficult to breathe in some cases.

One man said he went door-to-door knocking on neighbours’ homes to make sure everyone was safe.

No injuries were reported at the apartment building.

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