Gordon Solomon explores the nature of the sexes

Local artist, Gordon Solomon opens his latest solo exhibition, ‘The Sexes’ at the Sapphire Lounge in Seven Mile shops next month.

The month long show, starting Wednesday, 5 September, will showcase eight in a series of 12 of his oils exploring gender relations.

‘They’re all abstracts and with them I’m exploring a side of me I’d like people to know,’ said Solomon.

The paintings, which will all be for sale, represent the painter’s spiritual journey to better understand the roles of men and women in society.

”The Sexes’ speaks to the issue of the male and female both physically different but not spiritually,’ said the 30-year-old, full-time artist.

‘This collection will speak to the healing of relationships and a call for deeper communication between partners. We must not let go the opportunity to heal. In every negative situation the path is always really a stepping stone in the end’.

The show, ending 5 October, follows on from one of Solomon’s most productive periods so far.

His most recent exhibitions, all group shows, were with Native Sons at Boatswain’s Beach, which closed last Friday, ‘Heat Wave’ at the Ritz Carlton ending later this month and ‘Firmament’ at The Morgan Gallery in February.

Cayman National Cultural Foundation Artistic Endeavour recipient, Gordon Solomon last solo exhibition, ‘True Colours,’ ran at the Westin Casaurina September 2005.

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