Hurricane advisories

CAL passenger advisory

With the approaching threat of Hurricane Dean, Cayman Airways passengers travelling over the next few days from Grand Cayman should be at the airport three hours prior to check-in.

The check-in counter will close 60 minutes prior to departure. Once the counter has closed, passengers will not be able to check in for that flight and will have to standby for the next flight. As all flights leaving the island are fully booked; standby in no way guarantees a seat.

‘Cayman Airways must maintain the integrity of our schedule in order to operate all flights and transport as many people off the island,’ states a press release.

Consider guests

Cayman residents hosting overseas families and friends are advised to give early consideration as to suitable accommodations for weathering the hurricane system that may affect the Cayman Islands according to current projections.

‘It is important that these decisions are made early enough for other options to be pursued successfully,’ said NHC Chair Donovan Ebanks, adding that reliance should not be placed on public shelters as this is a limited local resource.

Cayman Airways announced today that it would be waiving change fees for alternate flight arrangements on the GC/CB/Miami and /Tampa routes, between Thursday and next week Wednesday. Delta and US Airways have also announced change policies. Travellers are advised to contact their airlines directly for more information.

Hotline activated

The National Hurricane Committee has activated the hurricane hotline, 946-3333, and Government Information Services, 949-8092, are open to callers as information sources.

The hotline will be operational during normal working hours today.

If Hurricane Dean continues in same path, there will be extended hours over the weekend.

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