Boatswain’s Beach secures animals

Over the weekend, staff members at Boatswain’s Beach were busy making preparations for the reptiles, birds and marine creatures, to ensure their safety during Hurricane Dean.

Between Saturday and Sunday the birds and iguanas would be taken into the animal support building, where they were to be placed in cages with food and water, said Curator Terrestrial Exhibits Geddes Hislop on Friday.

The building is built to withstand winds of 150 miles per hour, he confirmed.

The bird cages are about six feet tall, while the iguana cages were to be placed up high in case of flooding. Each cage was being labelled for the designated creatures, said Mr. Hislop.

During the storm, the caiman and crocodile will each be in an enclosure that includes a tank they swim in. However, both of the tanks are to be drained. This way the rain can fall inside, but won’t overflow the tank. Each will also have a tunnel, elevated three feet off the ground, for shelter.

The fish in the snorkel lagoon and the predators in the predator tank are to stay where they are.

However the pumps will be turned off so they don’t get clogged and the pipes shut off from the sea to the lagoon.

‘They should be fine,’ said Mr. Hislop, ‘Because we don’t anticipate the storm will be with us for very long.’

The turtles will stay in their tanks, which will be partially drained to allow for the rain that will fall.

Boatswain’s Beach will be closed to the public from today to Tuesday.

It will remain closed until the National Hurricane Committee advises that the hurricane is no longer a threat, said a statement from the park.

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