Ambulance services stops during storm

Ambulance services will continue to operate until tropical-force winds commence, Emergency Medical Services Manager Stephen Duval said Friday.

Once the storm passes, there will be 24-hour, 100 per cent emergency medical services available immediately, he said.

He said ambulances and their crews, will be stationed in North Side, George Town, West Bay and Seven Mile Beach so emergency medical care is available in all areas of the Island.

Relief staff is stationed close to all ambulance stations so that it can ensure all ambulances are running around the clock.

While the storm passes overhead, people requiring medical assistance should call 9-1-1 to receive instructions on how to treat their medical problem, he explained.

He urged anyone requiring medical care or ambulance transportation to not wait until the last moment.

‘What I am concerned about is at the last minute, people needing medical care or inter-facility transportation, waiting until it is too late. It will be very difficult to help someone once there are tropical force winds.’

He also called on people to help themselves by not exposing themselves to unnecessary risks. This included common sense things, like not using home heating devices, barbeques or generators in their homes. Not having to attend these calls will save strain on emergency medical services, he explained.

‘Any home heating device that gives off any type of hazardous toxins must be used outside, where it is well ventilated,’ he said.

‘We don’t want any carbon monoxide poising.’

Prior to the storm Emergency Medical services has been busy transferring patients between nursing homes, hospitals and hurricane shelters, Mr. Duval said.

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