Don’t become like Cozumel

Has anyone considered the impact on the main roads for locals and land based tourists if the cruisers can return later to the ships.

How will this affect the people who need to get in and out of George Town for business purposes and to actually shop for furnishings, DIY, etc., who plan their arrival in town for 3pm or later because of parking and congestion.

Considering the questions currently being asked about the cruise line/Boatswain Beach dealings, why would anyone think that the lines will pick up all the costs?

The Cayman Government and land based tourists are picking up the price for that perk to the cruise lines.

Where is the real benefit to Cayman?

Land based tourists already avoid Stingray City, Rum Point the Turtle Farm and town when the ships are in.

They have a hard time finding taxis.

They might take a ferry to Rum Point but there isn’t one.

Why not fix that?

Why would the government want to make things worse for them?

Does Cayman want overnight repeat guests?

Is there not a lesson to be learned from Cozumel — why build for millions what Mother Nature can destroy in a couple of hours (in turn crippling a successful industry) when it is completely unnecessary?

Lastly, when is enough construction enough.

Grand Cayman is a beautiful island that is being overrun by development – if all one sees is cranes, dump trucks and cement mixers, they won’t be coming back. I think that the Caymanian people and other residents must be sick of it too.

Regina Ecclefield

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