Take responsibility for needs

I cannot believe that people think free plywood must be given to them. My family is still using our plywood from the last two seasons.

Come on people, our MLA’s do not have to GIVE you a thing! Take care of yourself and your own families. Only you are responsible for you and your family.

I am tired of hearing selfish people calling begging help and having a poor pity me attitude. The lord helps those who help themselves.

All these people want is more, more and more given to them.

People of Cayman, stop complaining and ask what you can do to help others, stop whining about what you want others to do for you!

All the grocery stores, Fosters, Kirks and Hurley’s and the wonderful employees did a great job working so hard for us to get our last minute items. The gas station workers and CUC did a fine job too!

Anne Johnson-Ebanks

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