Two years too long

I was rolled over last March and it’s not easy to find a new job in my country.

The money that I saved when I was in Cayman is not even enough to support my big family for a year.

I understand the rollover policy because it is a law and there’s no exemption to the law but one thing I cannot understand is the pension plan that we are paying when we were working in Cayman and now we are rolled over and yet we still have to wait for two years to have it.

We went home for good though we still want to work in peaceful Cayman and have no idea if we are still allowed to come back in the future.

The money that we have in pension plan for seven years is good enough to start a new life by opening a small business in my country and to apply the skills that we gained in Cayman for seven years.

Is the Cayman government willing to help the expats that have been rolled over and those who are about to be home soon?

Please help the expats too because they are there for their family’s living. Two years is too long to wait for the pension which comes from our own hard earned money.

Christopher John Opmaco

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