Today’s Editorial August 23: Volunteers essential in storms

Once again volunteers rose to the occasion to make what could have been a miserable experience as close to pleasant as possible.

We’re talking about the volunteers that manned shelters, helped neighbours put up plywood and shuttering, took food and water to those in need and sheltered animals from the Cayman Islands Humane Society.

Without people who place others before self, we would never be able to weather any kind of storm as a country.

There were myriad volunteers from all walks of life – both in the public eye and those behind the scenes – who made life a little more pleasant for man and animal.

Volunteers are a special breed of people. They are our earthly angels.

As late as yesterday we still had volunteers in two shelters on Grand Cayman giving aid and comfort to some of the elderly members of our society.

Shelter volunteers are one of a kind. They are the people who leave behind their own families, not knowing what the storm approaching the Cayman Islands is going to bring.

Hurricane Dean was certainly one of those storms that had us all a little worried as it approached.

We knew it was a big storm, capable of massive destruction.

We just didn’t know where in our country it was going to do its worst.

And as we watched and waited, volunteers of all walks of life got into gear.

Hurricane Dean has passed us by and our volunteers have all – we assumed – returned to their normal lives.

We don’t know when or where the next storm will come from, but we do know we will always need volunteers.

So, roll up your sleeves and get involved.

There are many advantages to volunteering.

You can make new friends and make a difference.

Volunteers – through their actions – give back to their communities by lending a hand to people and organisations.

If you’re not comfortable volunteering in your neighbourhood on your own, contact the Red Cross or the Department of Family Services. Both agencies can steer you in the right direction.

To all the volunteers who made this latest brush with possible disaster better, thank you.

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