Chance to race safely Saturday

Speed merchants in Cayman get a chance to enjoy whizzing around in their own machines in a totally safe and secure environment this weekend.

It’s happening at Breakers Speedway where lovers of speed can race their four-wheel drives, bikes, cars and trucks in a controlled place.

It’s called the Sizzling Hott Summer Action. Gates open at 5pm tomorrow, costs $15 to register and adults are only charged $5 per race and children $2. There will be hot racing action from 7-10pm and cash prizes and trophies are awarded for winners in each class.

In the event of rain, the races will be held on Sunday from 3pm.

Breakers Speedway owner Robert Campbell said, ‘The focus is to give young people a safe place to race. It took me eight years to open Breakers Speedway because I believe in teaching our kids to be better drivers so that it can reduce motoring deaths on Cayman roads.

‘From September I’m organising a kids’ go-kart programme. I’ve got new karts coming in. They can learn the basics about driving in a safe and controlled environment.

‘Guys in high powered cars on Saturday will get to drive to the limit, again in a safe place. In Easter last year we had Indianapolis two-seater race operators over. They organised the programme and want to have two-seaters here.’

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