Children’s Art Show @ Ritz

The 2007 Children’s Arts Exhibition opens at the Ritz Carlton gallery on 1 September with a 6pm reception.

The show is due to exhibit some 70 pieces by roughly 50 children.

According to the exhibition’s co-coordinator and Curator of the hotel’s gallery space, Trina Christian, the majority of entrants live in Grand Cayman and were involved in the summer camp run by Cayman Traditional Arts. A handful of others live overseas but created artwork during their stay at the Ritz.

The CTA summer camp at Boatswain’s Beach co-opted several artists to instruct the children throughout its holiday programme including: Al Ebanks, Renate Seffer, Pedro Theye and Maureen Lazarus.

‘The CTA’s programme allowed the kids to work with professional brushes producing paintings on canvas. Each week [they] covered a different style of painting including cartoonism, cubism, pointillism, realism and pop art,’ Mrs. Christian advised.

‘They also used photos of a variety of objects and scenes taken around the Boatswain’s Beach facility’.

The current exhibition at the Ritz is ‘Island Feva’ features: Maureen Lazarus, Bunny Holmes, C. E Whittney, Al Ebanks, Dora Williams, Chris Christian, Joanne Sibley, Miguel Powery, Gordon Solomon and Annami Blom and Carley Jackson.

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