What’s happened to Cayman?

No man is an island unto himself.

What has happened to the Caymanians I use to know when I first visited the island 35 years ago?

I am from Canada, and I remember when we sent books and teachers to your country.

I love Grand Cayman, well I did. However, as time went by I realised how bitter (and in some cases rightly so) the Caymanians had become.

However, you must remember Grand Cayman had a government in place to protect the locals, which I think did not do its job. Money played a major role, and the money didn’t go to the right people, or maybe it did?

Look at the development of Rum Point, how sad when the locals were discouraged to go there by raising the prices of the refreshments and forbidding picnicking.

I saw the beach that is suppose to be for the locals, not impressed.

So people don’t be mad at the regular hard working ex-pats, look around in your own back yard.

Ask yourselves:

Would I want that job that ‘they’ do.?

Am I willing to work long hard hours?

Am I willing to get the required training?

Good luck Grand Cayman for your future, be happy and be glad people come to your island and spend money.

Keep a close watch on your Government.

Kathleen Andrews

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