Most cruisers don’t care

In response to Ms Regina Ecclefields comments on Grand Cayman – the problems associated with the cruise ships, overbuilding, Boatswain’s Beach dealings plus the lack of a ferry to Rum Point are totally on point. My wife and I have met so many wonderful people on Cayman over the years, but we do admit that recently we have begun searching out other places to see/enjoy and spend our vacation dollars.

The presence of cruise ships every single day and the crowds they cause is something we avoid completely as do many other people we know that like to vacation on the island and actually know where they are. I have asked cruisers where they were that particular day and have gotten blank stares…the cruisers do NOT care about Cayman at all. There is no interest in its history, culture or problems. Cozumel definitely has a functional place (albeit sterile) for the cruisers to land. I repeat, cruisers (except for the government fee they pay) do not benefit any of us o n island How many people off the ships do you want? Fewer I would hope.

Jerry Burton

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