No position to judge

Please allow me space to respond to Lachlan’s latest false accusations about Cayman politicians; however I do not intend to continue a dialogue with Lachlan as he is not a worthy opponent.

He makes broad statements of corruption in Cayman politics, without any hard evidence, yet in his native land there is no political corruption simply because they have made it legal by the creation of political action committees and lobbyist who pay their politicians millions for specific favours.

I know of no Caymanian politicians where the police have found thousands of dollars in their deep freeze. With our banking laws, know your customer, the equivalent of which does not exist in his country, Caymanian politicians would be hard pressed to find a bank to take their corruption money.

He claims that it is past politicians like me who are responsible for the problems of Cayman today and not the foreigners who work here, and as I have acknowledged this is partly true, but as the old saying goes it takes two to tango.

For Lachlan’s information here are a few of the actions I took as an MLA and EXCO member to deal with some of these issues;

1. Introduce labour legislation, to reduce the mistreatment of Caymanians by unscrupulous employers.

2. Introduce the first five-year economic plan to slow down the over development by the foreigners.

3. Introduced pension legislation

4. Introduced health insurance legislation.

5. Opposed the name change from Cayman Protection law to Immigration law

6. Supported the reduction of the Cayman Status quota to zero.

7. Did not allow EXCO to grant a single Cayman Status including to the Governor while I was a member.

8. Raise the salary of elected officials to that of senior civil servants to reduce the need and opportunity for the foreigners to corrupt elected politicians.

9. Introduced the first National Drug plan the focus of which was demand reduction through education.

I doubt that Lachlan can match this record of doing similar things in his native land. I know he did nothing in Cayman to help Caymanians.

These were all done in the presence of great opposition by the expat population and they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and used their influence over their employees to get me out of office; one employer even fired a Caymanian because she voted for me.

I have and will always support Caymanians. However I believe he did have some involvement in the naming of the dive site Bonnie’s Arch.

Let’s bring these false charges of corruption about me by Lachlan to a close.

Here is the history of my eight years of service to the Caymanian people. The first four years in the Assembly I received an average pay of $200 per month and the last four years $4,300 per month as a member of EXCO. My earned pension when I claim it at age 60 will be $1,400 per month. I should take the time to mention that every dime I received in salary while elected was invested in the North Side community, so see why I take great umbrage when foreigners like Lachlan make their unfounded accusations about corrupt politicians.

As one of my American friends told me, I was the poorest politician he has ever known as I went into EXCO driving a new Corvette and left driving a second hand Chevy pickup.

Everyone knows that no political system is perfect, the very nature of democracy lends itself to opportunities for corruption but those who have done nothing to correct the flawed systems in their native land have no right to come here, be welcomed, use the country for their own benefit and then set themselves up on lofty stools to become judge and jury over our system.

D. Ezzard Miller

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