Can’t do it alone

In response to the letter written by Lorenzo Berry calling for the dismissal of 5,000 expatriates.

I ask this question: Which 5,000 do you choose?

Do you choose by country of origin?

Do you choose by the industries they are employed in?

Or is a lottery in order?

There are over 10,000 work permit holders here in Cayman. If 5,000 are to be dismissed why would the rest stay?

Tensions could run high causing flight of the rest.

If you did get your wish and all expatriates left who would teach the children, enforce the laws, guard the jails, cook the meals, clean the rooms, mow the lawns, trim the trees, build the block walls, guide the dives, drive the boats, sell the jewellery, pick the trash, pave the roads, serve the meals, mix the drinks, play the music, preach the sermons, care for the animals, deliver the goods, pump the gas, fill the homes, pay the rents, stock the shelves; and the list goes on.

Of course Caymanians make up a great part of this work force; as they should.

Can they do it alone? Of course not.

That is why there are 10,000 plus people here on work permits.

It is what makes this Island work. If you truly wish for a circa 1940 environment, fighting mosquitoes, ticks and maiden plumb you are pushing the right direction.

I believe an exodus of work permit holders would be followed by an exodus of business in all sectors and ultimately the departure of Caymanians looking for a viable life like the one they had with expatriates by their side.

Duane Magis

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