Dean damages Morritt’s

The Morritt’s Resort in East End re-opened to visitors on 24 August, but some damage from Hurricane Dean has been preventing guests from using certain facilities up to this point.

‘The dock bar and the Grand Pool bar are still closed,’ said Arden Watler, head of Human Resources at the resort. ‘Waves affected the plumbing and electrical wiring on the dock, as well as pushed up some of the deck area. It is actually pretty minor stuff and we are just waiting on materials, it will be repaired within two weeks.’

The Grand pool also took some sand and salt water in it, but according to Mr. Watler that was a simple task to get sorted out. ‘We are cleaning it up right now and it will be back in good order and ready for guests by the weekend.’

Letitia Paddyfoote who works in the Executive Offices at the resort said guests don’t seem to be bothered by the disruption. ‘They understand that we can’t do much about the weather and the beach is looking better than ever and the rooms came through just fine.’

Mr. Watler added, ‘There were some initial concerns from time share owners that the insurance and maintenance fees would go up, but we reassured them that that is looking very unlikely.’

One visitor from the United States who had just arrived at the resort was talking to East End icon and cultural ambassador Miss Cleo in the lobby area.

After a big hug from Miss Cleo, the visitor said she got the impression from US media that Cayman was hit quite hard, but she was very pleased to see very little signs of damage. ‘The place really looks good and it is wonderful to be back,’ said the woman.

Mr. Watler reminded residents that they are welcome to come up and enjoy the East End hospitality as well.

‘Come for a weekend. We believe we have the most welcoming, friendliest people and the pace is much more laid back compared to town. You can walk for miles on beaches and hardly see another person. The natural environment is magnificent. You can go fishing, kayaking and snorkeling. It’s still pristine and the food is really good up here.’

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