HSA defends its position

As required by law, the HSA is obligated to maintain strict confidentiality of patient records and information.

However, as the circumstances surrounding the delivery of a patient on board a Cayman Airways flight to Kingston, Jamaica on Tuesday, has become the subject of much public discussion, without any regard to the facts, and maligning the integrity and competence of the professional staff of the HSA, we deem it appropriate to issue the following statement, within the constraints of the law.

Ms Woodstock was admitted as a patient at the Cayman Islands Hospital on October 1, 2007.

A physician assessment determined that the patient was not in active labour.

As a point of interest ruptured membrane in early pregnancy is not a contraindication for air travel.

The risks and options were explained to the family who chose to travel off-island to deliver the baby and requested a medical certificate allowing clearance by the airline as being fit to travel.

Fitness to travel was issued after a thorough medical examination confirming that the patient was not in active labour.

The patient did not travel on the specified date as agreed and specified on the medical certificate.

The authority, due to ethical constraints regarding patient confidentiality, is prohibited from full public disclosure but is confident that all protocols were followed and the staff acted with professionalism and due concern for the welfare of the patient and her unborn child.

Any attempt to cast blame and smear the integrity of the professional team of the HSA is very unfortunate given the patient’s decision to travel, even after all options were explained.

Cayman Islands Health Services

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