CAL baby serious situation

The situation of a baby being born on a CAL flight is one where somebody seems to have made the wrong choice(s).

Surely when it comes to a potentially serious labour and delivery situation as this appears to be, insurance coverage should not have been a deciding factor – particularly when it relates only to coverage for the baby.

CAL’s flight crew are to be highly commended for their efficient handling of the delivery on board flight, as well as diverting the flight to Montgego Bay.

Let us hope that this incident is a wake up call for the medical personnel who may have given the OK for that mother to take the flight to Jamaica (if, indeed that is what happended).

Hopefully, the situation will be one that is seriously reflected upon by not only medical personnel but also by expectant mothers – fly only when it is considered safe. An airplane thousands of feet in the air is not the best place to deliver a baby.

My best wishes to the mother, father and especially the newborn.

Daphne Orrett

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