Cayman’s fuel markup

The Cayman Compass’ headline story in the Tuesday, 2 October issue ‘Fuel markup is high’ stated a US price for gasoline at the pump as being $5.27 per gallon.

This price is totally incorrect and the explanation is as follows: The conversion rate from Imperial Gallons is 1.20094 USG per 1 I/G while the conversion rate for CI dollars is $1.2 USD per $1 CI, both rates are essentially the same. The price here at the pump for gasoline on that day was CI$4.32 per Imperial gallon.

If you convert back to a US gallon the price would be CI$4.32 divided by 1.2 I/G which is equal to CI $3.60 or US $4.32 and not $5.27 as stated in the Compass.

Gary McTaggart – Chief Petroleum Inspector CI Government

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