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Is there a link between dental hygiene and other health conditions?


Yes, there is! Periodontists have seen for a long time that periodontal disease is a bacterial infection. It can enter the blood stream and affect major organs and contribute to development of heart disease; increase the risk of stroke and increase a woman’s risk of a preterm, low birth baby.

My company changed insurance plans during the year. Am I required to fulfil the deductible twice?


If you are under a group plan, then your new group plan should “carry-over” the amount of the deductible you fulfilled under your previous plan if there was no break in coverage. Please review your policy booklet or contact your new health plan and ask them about carrying over your deductible that was satisfied for the benefits you are most likely to use.

I am looking for an insurance company’s definition of preventive medicine.


Preventive medicine deals with the prevention of disease and the maintenance of good health practices. Preventive medicine includes activities, such as vaccination against those diseases for which causes are known, research into causes of disease, studies of environmental deterrents to health, and instruction in public health and hygiene.

Why won’t insurance companies cover plastic surgery?


Typically in order for an insurance company to cover a plastic surgery, the surgery needs to be deemed medically necessary. Reconstructive surgery is considered medically necessary by many insurance companies if you are receiving reconstructive surgery after an accident or an additional medically necessary surgery (for example, breast reconstruction after a mastectomy).

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