Kemar Golding a career

Kemar Golding from the Cayman Islands Brewery is attending a three-week brewing and malting science course at the University of Wisconsin.

The course will examine high gravity brewing, the nature of yeast and hops, keg filling, CO2 purification, biochemistry and speciality malts, among other subjects.

Thanks to a scholarship which CIB applied for from the Master Brewer’s Association of the America’s – the sponsors of the course – Mr. Golding is the first of Caybrew’s young technicians who will study the science of beer making with the association.

Having shown enormous potential since he joined the company, Mr. Golding was singled out as an ideal candidate to benefit from the programme, according to management.

Mr. Golding said he was not only thrilled to have been chosen for the course.

‘This is a great opportunity not just to learn much more about brewing, but it is a chance to mix with other brewers which I think will be really interesting.’

Admitting to being a little nervous about the experienced brewers that he would meet on the course, Oliver Wesseloh CIB’s Technical Manager said that Mr. Golding had no need to worry.

‘Kemar has been with CIB since the construction phase and he has done tremendously well,’ he said. ‘I’m already comfortable with him supervising the brewing process as he is well versed with the technical aspect of how we make Caybrew.

‘This course will develop Kemar’s knowledge of the raw materials, quality control and analysis and help him further with his career.’

Mr Wesseloh explained that the professional course is one of many run by the MBAA, and as fee-paying members of that association, CIB can apply for scholarships to send their staff on various professional and vocational courses with the brewery backing students with flights and other extras.

‘Kemar was the first to be selected as he has demonstrated a commitment to, and a talent for the business and we want him to move up the career ladder.’

Mr. Golding added that he was keen to go as far as he could, as this was definitely his chosen career, even though when he was younger, he never imagined working in a brewery.

‘I’ve really amazed myself with what’s happened,’ he said. ‘I didn’t plan or expect to become a brewer, but it is great

‘It is great to be part of a process where you create something – you watch it every step of the way and at the end of it not only is it a sense of achievement, but I can sit and enjoy it as well.’

Having enthusiastic young technicians coming through the brewery is key to Caybrew’s future success, said Mr Wesseloh, noting that Kemar would be the first of what he hoped would be many CIB staff members expanding their knowledge and learning the business of brewing.

‘We want to educate more young brewers as part of the succession planning,’ he said. ‘I won’t be here forever and we need people who will eventually step into my shoes.’

Before Mr. Golding left for his course in the U.S., General Manager Allen Chu Fook, said everyone at CIB was delighted for him and that it was something of an historic moment.

‘We are equally excited about this,’ he said. ‘Kemar is the first ever person from the Cayman Islands to get a scholarship to do a professional brewer’s course. It is the first of a series offered by the MBAA and we are confident Kemar will be successful and continue on.’

Mr. Chu Fook added that CIB was keen to recruit interested local people who want to learn the process of brewing a quality product.

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