Barcadere work under way

Public Works and the Recreation, Parks and Cemeteries Unit have been working to upgrade public launching ramps and docks damaged in Hurricane Dean.

‘We are improving the ramp at the George Town Barcadere,’ explained Recreation, Parks and Cemeteries Unit Manager Craig Nixon.

‘We are making it deeper and improving the surface. Also, once it is completed, we plan to keep it free of turtle grass.’

Up until relatively recently the public dock at the Barcadere was also home to a number of commercial fishing vessels and the crews that lived aboard the boats.

The Public Works Department and Recreation Unit are also working to repair docks and the ramps on the South Coast that were damaged during the passage of Hurricane Dean.

Work was briefly halted on the improvements to the South Sound boat ramp, when it was pointed out that work was being done in the water, in a Marine Replenishment Zone without the required silk screens.

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