Friends rally for Coco’s health

Friends of Kaloyan Kisyov, 20, are appealing to the public for donations and support, to help in his fight to walk again.

Mr. Kisyov – or Coco, as friends affectionately know him – has been in a Jamaican hospital, paralysed from the neck down, since mid September, after he slipped and fell from a boat in shallow water off Rum Point, fracturing his neck.

With medical bills now up to around $80,000 – far in excess of the $25,000 cap provided by his health insurance – friends are launching a fundraising drive, asking the public to help young Coco in his hour of greatest need.

With the help of sponsors from across Grand Cayman, they have launched a raffle and have also set up a bank account for donations. Visitors to Kaibo Yacht Club can also make donations directly to ‘Kaibo Angels’ at the venue.

Prizes on offer in the raffle include an aluminium boat from Harbour House Marina, a full-year gym membership with Kings Gym, an all day fishing expedition with Blue Water Excursions, two certificates for dinner at Papagallos, one month of free mudslides at Kaibo bar and grill, a mangrove kayak tour from Cayman Kayak, grocery vouchers from Foster’s Food Fair-IGA and a coffee press and coffee from Paperman’s Coffee House.

Tickets for the raffle are $10 and can be purchased from Harbour House Marina, Aqua Beach restaurant and bar, and from Kaibo bar and grill. The raffle will be drawn 24 October.

Speaking Wednesday, Coco’s girlfriend, Kristina Sandorova, a Kaibo Bar and Grill employee, said Coco is at the beginning of a long road to rehabilitation that will be physically and financially challenging.

But family and friends remain hopeful that the outgoing and popular young Bulgarian will in time make a full recovery, she said.

After brushing off close calls with death twice since being in the hospital, Coco has started to show some promising signs of improvement, Ms Sandarova explained. Recently, he has regained some sensation in his upper body and, just a few days ago, began breathing independently.

Ms Sandarova kept a vigil beside Coco’s bed for three weeks after he was airlifted to Jamaica from Cayman 16 September. With his father now having joined Coco at the University of West Indies’ University Hospital, Ms Sandarova has been travelling back and forth between Jamaica and Cayman, trying to support Coco, raise funds for his treatment and also work.

‘All I care about is the heath of my boyfriend, but, unfortunately, it’s a reality that we also have to worry about finance,’ she explained.

Coco moved to Cayman in late 2006. It was his first trip away from Bulgaria. Coco had been working as water ski expedition guide with Action Water Sports.

To help

Donations to Coco’s medical care can be made at Cayman National Bank branches or to ‘Kaibo Angels’ working at the Kaibo bar and grill.

Account name: Co Co’s Fund

Account number: 012-30589

For wire transfer USD Dollars

Citibank, N.A.

111 Wall St.

New York NY 10043

Swift Code CITIUS33xxx

ABA # 021000089

For credit to Cayman National Bank Ltd A/C # 36148883

Co Co’s Fund

Account # 012-30589

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