International C&W workshop here

Cable and Wireless (Cayman Islands) hosted a customer experience workshop for 57 delegates from Cable & Wireless locations all over the world recently.

Among those attending the three-day conference at the Marriott Beach Resort was Cable & Wireless Chief Executive Americas and Caribbean Chris Hetherington, who said the conference dealt with the entire spectrum of customer service.

‘To do anything well with the customer, you have to look end to end,’ he said, adding that there were no particular areas of focus.

‘There is nowhere we think we cannot do better.’

By bringing in people from Cable & Wireless operations all over the world, the company was able to look at the best in class from the company’s service people, Mr. Hetherington said.

‘We want to make sure everyone is leveraging from the best of the best.’

Mr. Hetherington said the conference was very useful.

‘Everywhere in the room, you could sense – you could smell and touch – a passion for the customer, and a desire to do the best we can and better for that customer.’

Mauricio Salazar, Cable & Wireless’ chief customer services officer Americas and Caribbean, said one of the things discussed in the seminar was the need to improve customer service according to natural market evolution, particularly because of advances in technology.

‘That means reinventing the way we operate today to prepare for tomorrow,’ he said. ‘We need to evolve parallel to what the customer demands.’

Another thing discussed in the conference had to do with quantifying customer service satisfaction. For this, the Cable and Wireless representatives from Macau were very helpful.

‘In Macau, they are very disciplined in the way they measure key statistics that measure the way you provide customer service,’ Mr. Hetherington said.

Cayman was chosen to host the seminar partially because of energy level Cable & Wireless employees show when it comes to retail customer service, Mr. Hetherington said.

‘Cayman is a showcase in very specific areas,’ he said.

Cable & Wireless (Cayman) Chief Executive Tim Adam said the conference showed the emphasis Cable & Wireless International puts on customer service from the highest levels of its executive.

Mr. Adam also said he was very happy the conference took place in Cayman.

‘Because it was here, we have been able to have many of our people attend this and hear about customer service from across the organisation.’

Mr. Adam said improving customer service is a journey, and that consumers in Cayman will see the results.

‘Customers are going to progressively see, and more importantly feel, improvements,’ he said.

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