The heart speaks

‘When the heart is at peace or filled with love, it communicates harmony to the entire body.’

– Don Colbert, Deadly Emotions

‘Hope deferred makes the heart sick.’

– Proverbs 13:12

The heart deserves a lot of attention, and not just in relation to blood pressure. Relationships live in our hearts. Think about how your heart grieves when a loved one is losing ground to some deadly disease. Think about how your heart is joyful when you first hold your grandchild.

The effect of positive thinking and feeling upon the body has been written of for centuries, down through writers such as Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peale and countless others.

Medical science, therapist and health proponents of today recognise and consider the role of emotions and the thought life in terms of health. Therapies and personal practices have developed to assist individuals in actively taking part in their own health and healing.

When asked ‘What is healthy living’, most children, teens and adults in Cayman respond: ‘Healthy living is eating healthy and exercising.’ Yes, healthy eating and exercise important. So are play, rest, spontaneity, nature walks, moderation, meditation, prayer, peace and positive thinking. What we think becomes what we feel – think about it.

Do you know somebody who loves to be unwell? Who delights into going on and on about ailments, injuries, surgeries or the recent sniffle? That person has an attitude of sickness, likes to focus on feeling unwell. What we see depends mainly on what we look for.

Autoimmune disorders, hypertension, I.B.S. and arthritis are only a few of diseases linked to toxic emotions. So is overeating. Heart health is emotional health.

What to do? Dr. Don Colbert says: ‘Understand the mind-body-spirit connection that can heal or destroy you.’

There are ways to get balanced. Be calm and happy in your thought life. Think of the best. Take time to rest – you deserve it. Don’t worry, be happy and walk in nature; clear out chaos. Be in the moment, not doing eight things at once.

Think about what you are thinking about and readjust when necessary.

Heart health is peace – one of the greatest treasures of life.

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