Hospital staff was admirable

I spent four days recently, patiently, in George Town Hospital.

Cayman Airways at the airport (where I fell ill before returning to Cayman Brac) called for an ambulance. CAL personnel were warm, concerned and helpful, taking me from gate to front lobby immediately and the ambulance arrived quickly thereafter.

The EMTs, Mr. Pusey and Mr. Shoefer, were experienced, calming and kindly. In the Emergency Room at George Town Hospital, the nurses were helpful, attentive and caring. I had had a pressure crisis (very high blood pressure), which in the following several days was finally resolved with three new medications. The doctor I saw, from Gujarat, India via excellent New York hospital training, was knowledgeable, reassuring and spent unhurried time at my bedside during rounds. A doctor from Nigeria discharged me on the last evening.

The nurses – all – were incredibly caring despite their many duties during long 12 hour shifts. I wondered why they weren’t on eight hour shifts as at Faith Hospital, but there must be a reason why they are obliged to work a full and very tiring 12 hours. Perhaps more free time is the trade-off, but they were indeed tired after their long shifts. Some nurses were Caymanians, others from Scotland, UK, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Scranton, PA, and Halifax, Nova Scotia and they worked (from this patient’s sole perspective) like a team of angels. I was happy to see three Cayman Brac smiling faces, Samantha, Charity and Dawn among the nurses and security there.

And yes, the food in the hospital was fine, tasty, well-prepared and appetizing in its Styrofoam box; fish, beef, pork, chicken, with suitable vegetables and always rice or mashed potatoes and salads with lettuce, cucumber, green pepper. And fruit, melon, grapes, apples, oranges and puddings for dessert.

I could definitely do without murder cherries (those bright red maraschinos) but that is a personal taste and that red certainly was a bright accent on the plate! The hospital dietician obviously knew her/his stuff and the cooks prepared good meals.

I was released from hospital four days later, blood pressure stabilised (God’s willing), and made it home to the Brac with great gratitude in my heart to those medical folks at George Town Hospital who helped me so much in my hours of illness.

Anne Socolow

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